Postdoc position in environmental geochemistry and mineralogy

The Environmental Mineralogy and Biogeochemistry Group at Georgia Institute of Technology invites applications for a postdoctoral researcher position in environmental geochemistry and mineralogy. The primary focus of this position will be on the interaction of hydrocarbon with carbonate minerals. Complementary wet chemical analysis as well as advanced microscopic and spectroscopic methods will be used to assess the nano scale heterogeneity of mineral surfaces and associated reactivity. PhD training in geosciences, chemistry, and/or environmental engineering is preferred.

Environmental Engineering/Membranes/Microbiology

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher for a position in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with Prof. Paige Novak and Prof. William Arnold on a project that seeks to use polymer encapsulated bacteria to degrade waste and generate hydrogen gas. The position is expected to be available on June 1, 2014 (but earlier or later may be possible). The position is for up to 2 years with an initial 1 year appointment and progress review after that year.

Post-Doctoral Fellow - Assessing the feasibility and sustainability of biofuel production pathways

POSITION: The postdoctoral fellow will compare biochemical and thermochemical biofuel production pathways using techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment. The research will be conducted at the University of Toronto, in collaboration with members of BioFuelNet, a Network of Centres of Excellence ( In addition to conducting research, the candidate will take a leadership role in the project (e.g., coordinating research across several universities and providing guidance to graduate students).

Energy & Environment-Nanomaterial Fate & Toxicity Research

Postdoctoral Research Associate:  Clemson University is seeking applications for a postdoctoral research associate position in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Toxicology as part of the Nanomaterial Fate and Toxicity strategic research initiative.  The Postdoc will work as part of a strong interdisciplinary team of engineers, chemists and toxicologists; connecting nanomaterial synthesis and characterization with studies to determine the environmental and human health hazards associated with emerging nanotechnologies.

Energy & Environment-Engineered Osmosis

Postdoctoral Research Associate: Clemson University is seeking applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in Engineered Osmosis as part of its Water-Society Nexus strategic research initiative. The Associate will work as part of a strong interdisciplinary team connecting basic and applied sciences, engineering, economics, and policy to develop innovating technologies that address grand challenges to human and ecosystem health, water, energy, and climate change.


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