Environmental Engineering

Saturday, November 3, 2012
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Graduate Research Assistants
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Auburn University
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The Environmental Engineering Program at Auburn University is looking for qualified Ph.D. students and research scholars to carry out research projects in the following areas: 1) Physical chemical processes related to oil/PAHs weathering 2) Interactions between oil-dispersants and sediments 3) Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for environmental cleanup uses, and 4) Biological process and biotechnology in environmental engineering Our interdisciplinary environmental engineering team currently consists of six active faculty members. Collaborative relationships exist with faculty in hydraulics and hydrology, agricultural, chemical, and textile engineering, agronomy and soils, chemistry, and microbiology on the Auburn campus. Self-motivated and dedicated candidates are encouraged to send your resume to: Dr. Dongye (Don) Zhao (physical chemical processes) Huff Professor of Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering Program Department of Civil Engineering 238 Harbert Engineering Center Auburn University, AL 36849-5337 Phone: 334-844 6277 E-mail: zhaodon@eng.auburn.edu Or Dr. Ahejong Son (Biological processes) E-mail: ason@auburn.edu You are also invited to visit the Department homepage: http://eng.auburn.edu/programs/civil/index.html