Heterogeneous Catalysis and Wastewater Treatment

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
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Ph.D. Student
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University of Alabama in Huntsville
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1-2 PhD teaching assistantship and research assistantship are available in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville starting Fall 2016 or Spring 2017. A BS or MS in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Materials Science, or a related field is desired. The future research topic includes synthesis of nanostructured catalytic materials, in situ characterization of working catalysts under wasterwater treatment conditions, and performance testing. For more information, please visit http://leilab.uah.edu/


Perspective graduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Yu Lei via E-mail (yu.lei@uah.edu). The email should include a cover letter, CV and GRE scores (and TOEFL scores for international students).