Environmental impact of solar energy

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Job Type: 
Job Rank: 
Ph.D. Student
Job Institution: 
Michigan State University
Job Description: 

Dr. Anctil has an opening for two graduate research assistant interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering at Michigan State University. Dr. Anctil group uses proactive sustainability assessment to reduce the environmental impact of new technologies. Process-based life-cycle assessment (LCA) is used to identify critical steps in current technologies and guide greener alternatives by combining theoretical environmental assessment and experimental work. The particular project will be related to the environmental impact of commercialized and future solar photovoltaics technologies. The ideal candidate should have an MS in engineering or a related field. Highly motivated B.S. students with previous research experience (in particular chemical synthesis) or knowledge of LCA will be considered. The selected students will receive tuition waiver, stipend and health insurance. Interested students should send a CV and a one-page motivation letter to Dr. Anctil at anctilan@msu.edu. Students will need to apply to the Ph.D. program in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at MSU. Dr. Anctil is also associated with the Environmental Science & Policy program (http://www.espp.msu.edu/) which offers additional fellowships. The deadline for Fall admission is December 15, 2016.