Watershed Hydrology: Rainfall, Runoff, Erosion, Bayesian Statistical Methods

Monday, December 3, 2012
Job Type: 
Job Rank: 
Graduate Research Assistant (M.S. in Engineering)
Job Institution: 
Prairie View A&M University (Member, Texas A&M University System)
Job Description: 

A Graduate Research Assistantship for M.S. in Engineering is available under USDA Federal Grant to study hydrologic influences on soil organic carbon loss monitoring from erosion. PVAMU, as the lead institution in collaboration with Texas A&M University and University of Houston, is using state-of-the art tools in isotope biogeochemistry in soil organic carbon loss monitoring within a hydrologic framework to introduce and expand research in this area. The teams’ work has the potential to augment the current USDA/NRCS efforts to develop a scientifically based and statistically valid baseline inventory of soil carbon stocks for the United States. The interdisciplinary research framework includes scientific ways to monitor SOC loss by creation of statistical models to assess the relationship between rainfall-runoff and SOC release during soil erosion in space and time. Secific taks may include but not limited to field soil sampling, networking with TAMU and UH researchers, conduct research in statistical methods to model rainfall distribution, and advanced knowledge of Excel with Visual Basic programming, and fundamentals of ArcGIS. A statistical software package simulation will be at the heart of the theis project.