Global Korea Scholarship

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
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Master course student
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Daegu University
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Dr. Sang-Hyoun Kim's Lab at Daegu University is currently looking for master course students who want to participate in cutting-edge environmental engineering and bioenergy research. The research will focus on anaerobic digestion of solid waste and wastewater, biohydrogen production from renewable resources, industrial symbiosys and energy saving in industrial wastewater treatment. Graduate students in Dr. Kim’s lab will receive unique training in multidisciplinary research environments to experience the wide spectrum of environmental engineering from the physicochemical to the microbiological aspects. Research stipend is usually $500/month to $600/month. Detailed information for Dr. Kim's lab is as shown on the lab website,

An applicant may apply 2013 Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Program, of which Daegu University is the host institute. The 3yr program consists of 1 yr Korean language course plus 2 yr academic course. The program offers several benefits including GKS stipend ($800/month), airfare, tuition waiver, full accommodation fee, and other financial support (~$2,000). Admission guide is attached on the Dr. Kim's lab website . As the due date for the photocopy of all the document is Mar 22, if anyone is  interested in the GKS program, please just contact Dr. Kim by Mar 20.
Daegu University also provides several international student scholarship programs including the tuition waiver. Details for the general admission process to Daegu University are as shown at