Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering

Sunday, June 2, 2013
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Univ. South Alabama
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The Whelton Group at the University of South Alabama seeks candidates for a M.S. Civil Engineering (Environmental Focus) Graduate Research Assistantship for Fall 2013. The student would complete environmental engineering coursework in addition to a thesis research project pertaining to degradation of polymer materials in fossil and nuclear power facilities. All work would be completed at South Alabama and would include water and material characterization. Ideally, the person should have either a bachelor’s degree in environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, environmental, chemical, materials, or mechanical engineering background. Compensation is $20,000/yr + tuition (what was written into the externally funded contract). The person will conduct benchtop and pilot scale experiments. The individual would work in a laboratory with 8 other people (students, postdocs, professor) who are conducting related experiments in the fields of aquatic chemistry, environmental toxicology and engineering, polymer science and engineering, and analytical chemistry. 

It is very important this individual is –highly motivated–, willing to learn completely new concepts, able to operate autonomously, and takes pride in their work. The deliverables for the research contract funded by a corporation are highly inflexible, so progress must be made. Results of this project will possibly transform how energy companies design and operate their power support systems. This position will be open until filled.

Interested applicants must be accepted into the University's Civil Engineering Graduate Program to be considered. Directions on how to apply can be found here (http://www.southce.org/ajwhelton/?p=2617). No guarantees will be made for funding until the University accepts the individual into the Graduate Program by way of all submittals being on file [application, GRE scores, TOEFL (if necessary)]. Interested persons should visit the team’s website at http://www.southce.org/ajwhelton and send a CV, cover letter, and list of three professional references to Prof. Andrew Whelton, Dept. Civil Engineering, University of South Alabama at ajwhelton@southalabama.edu.