Environmental Engineering

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Job Type: 
Job Rank: 
Mid-Senior Management
Job Institution: 
Durez Corp.
Job Description: 

Performs professional engineering work to protect or improve air, land and water resources in order to provide a clean and healthful environment. The work requires a professional knowledge of the principles, methods and techniques of engineering concerned with facilities and systems for controlling pollution and protecting quality of resources and the environment. Managing reports and compliance with all federal and state regulations for both NY and OH is also a major portion of this position.

Compliance with all health, safety, environmental regulations, and requirements Durez subscribes to including the handling of hazardous materials in conjunction with PSM and RMP and instilling operating discipline in the supervisory and hourly employees are key functions of this incumbent.  This position, as do all other positions at the Niagara Falls and Kenton plants, adheres to all quality regulations and requirements to support the plant’s customer focused initiatives.

Apply professional engineering competence with specialized knowledge of chemistry and biological science. Protect or improve the natural resources of air, land and water to provide a clean and healthful environment.

Perform work planning, designing, constructing, modifying or improving and maintaining facilities either by in-house or contractual effort; regulating and enforcing environmental engineering policies, programs or activities by establishing standards, promoting improvements, evaluating compliance and, if necessary, directing action to secure satisfactory results.

Interface with regulatory agencies to direct environmental compliance. Lead contact for all environmental compliance audits. Provide environmental guidelines and assistance in training operations as required. Interact with outside vendors as necessary to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Current regulatory requirements include

  • NYS Title V
  • Incinerator 373 permit
  • Tier II reporting (NY and OH)
  • TRI reporting (NY and OH)
  • Generators Annual Report
  • Annual Air emissions inventory report
  • Chemical Bulk storage permit renewal
  • Hazardous waste disposal manifests

Also responsible for investigating, measuring and evaluating environmental conditions and carrying out relevant research, development, planning, design, advisory and related engineering activities.

  1. Assignment, Review, and Approval of Work – Apply professional engineering competence with specialized knowledge of chemistry and biological science. Protect or improve the natural resources of air, land and water to provide a clean and healthful environment.  Additionally, interacts with Engineering, Maintenance, Technical, Purchasing, Traffic, Quality, Safety, Accounting, and Human Resources.  Receives performance review from Manufacturing Manager.
  2. Physical Requirements –Individual must make frequent tours of the manufacturing site and must be able to travel by air and automobile.  Must be able to select, care for, and wear appropriate PPE to include respirator, chemical protection apparel, etc.
  3. General – Attends daily staff meeting.  Position has high interaction with supervision, staff, and hourly workforce, 25% travel.
  4. Relationships with Outside Organizations – Interface with customers, division level staff, counterparts from other facilities, outside contractors, suppliers, and may interface with government agencies, (DEC, EPA, OSHA, etc.)
  5. Specialized or Technical Knowledge B.S. degree in environmental engineering or a related science field.  Experience with completion of regulatory reporting for a chemical manufacturer at both state (NY and OH preferred) and federal level.  Working knowledge of environmental regulations for air, water, hazardous waste generation/disposal, and chemical bulk storage.  Experience interfacing with regulatory agencies.  Ability to work in a team environment across multisite organization.  Knowledgeable about pollution control systems/equipment (Scrubbers, ESP, Reductive Oxidizers, etc…).  Knowledgeable about water treatment systems (biological, carbon, etc…).  Knowledgeable about waste treatment requirements/equipment.  Five years of experience in the environmental field and experience working with local regulatory agencies are preferred.  Must have strong supervisory skills and knowledge of the plant equipment and operations
  6. Relationships of Position to Other in its Function – Works closely with Technical Manager, Plant Engineer, Operations and Maintenance Supervisor to achieve results.
  7. Major or Unusual Problems – must be available at all times for emergency situations.  Must be able to provide around the clock support for a seven day operation
  8. Sources of Support – Operations manager and his staff, maintenance and engineering, quality, front-line supervisors

Decision Making Authority –Authority over plant operations in regards to environmental compliance.  Involved in decision making in safety and engineering