AEESP Founders' Award

Fran DiGiano is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina. Fran was nominated for his influential research contributions in the areas of activated carbon, membrane processes, and distribution water quality and his tireless service to the environmental engineering community. He is the recipient of numerous awards for his research contributions including the Rudolf Hering Medal from the American Society of Civil Engineers and the A.P. Black Research Award for sustained excellence in research and the George W. Fuller Award for Outstanding Service to the Profession both from the American Water Works Association. Fran has been very active in AEESP serving on committees, the AEESP Board, and as President in 1981-1982. Fran says the four key contributions to AEESP from his involvement are: conducting a conference on Fundamental Research Needs for Water and Wastewater Treatment (funded by NSF), redesigning the AEESP logo, starting the outstanding publication award, and testifying to the Senate Appropriations Committee. In addition, AWWA has benefited from his service in numerous ways.

Francis A. DiGiano, University of North Carolina
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