The Frederick George Pohland Medal

Les Grady is the consummate professor.  As one of his nominators wrote, Professor Grady managed “to develop a nearly perfect integration of teaching, research and consulting. With respect to education, Les’ enduring gift to the profession is the textbook Biological Wastewater Treatment, now in its third edition.” The connection between theory and practice that came from his considerable consulting experience is one of the features of this textbook that sets it apart from others.  Professor Grady’s contributions to research are also notable.  With over 100 technical papers in top journals in our field and his development of Activated Sludge Model Number 1 (along with Henze, Gujer,, Marais, and Matsuo), Professor Grady’s research contributions have reached academicians and consultants alike. His papers have been well recognized as he has received the Simon W. Freese Award, the Harrison Prescott Eddy Medal and the Rudolfs Industrial Waste Management Medal. He also served as the AEESP Distinguished Lecturer (2002) and received the AEESP Founders’ Award in 2003. He has been a Diplomat in the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists since 1987.

C.P. Leslie Grady, Jr.
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Photo of The Frederick George Pohland Medal Winner