Excellence in Environmental Engineering Education (E4) Award

Daniel Oerther is a Professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering.  He has been a leader in both laboratory development and field application of molecular biology tools to identify microbes in wastewater environments.  His contributions have included the development of course materials, classes and workshops for practitioners of environmental engineering as well as practice minded academic partners.  His publication with Nancy Love entitled, “The Value of Applying Molecular Biology Tools in Environmental Engineering: Academic and Industry Perspective in the U.S.A" exemplifies his commitment to bridging theory and practice. Professor Oerther’s recent publication, “Blended, Flipped, Mastered: Required Civil Engineering Fundamentals Course Modified to Improve Student Learning,” is one example of his commitment to infuse students with both fundamental and practical knowledge.  As a mentor and founding faculty advisor for Engineers Without Borders, he has been instrumental in guiding students from multiple disciplines to develop practical engineering solutions for villages and cities in Africa, India, and South America.  Professor Oerther’s philosphy emphasizes the importance of engineering as a serving profession, and he encourages all of his students to find ways to transform knowledge into practice. 

Daniel Oerther
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Photo of Excellence in Environmental Engineering Education (E4) Award Winner