Walter J. Weber, Jr. AEESP Frontier in Research Award

Named in honor of Professor Weber, for Advancing the Environmental Engineering And Science Field through Recognized Leadership And Pioneering Efforts in A New and Innovative Research Area.

Karl Linden’s research focuses on photon-based advanced treatment technologies. He specializes in the use of UV light for non-chemical water treatment, both in disinfecting water of pathogenic microorganisms and via advanced oxidation (AOP) processes. His early work found that UV light was effective for Cryptosporidium inactivation, and he has subsequently studied the efficacy of polychromatic UV systems.  His work on UV-based AOPs has also had an important impact on the field, helping to mature UV-AOP for potable reuse applications. Most recently, Karl is pioneering a large effort on UV-C LEDs for disinfection in small systems and point of use applications. Dr. Linden’s research has resulted in over 175 peer-reviewed publications. He has a H-index of 41 with over 5800 citations to his work. He has received numerous awards and honors, including being named the 2014 WateReuse Association Water Reuse Person of the Year.

Karl Linden
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