Perry L. McCarty / AEESP Founders' Award

For Sustained and Outstanding Contributions to Environmental Engineering Education and Practice.

During his 30+ career at NC State, Mort has been a world leader in the area of solid waste research and is highly regarded by both academics and industry professionals. A distinguished University professor, his research has led to novel and important insights into landfill management and performance. His contributions include novel insights regarding mechanisms by which microbial populations develop in freshly buried waste and how they initiate and control methane generation and the extent of biodegradability of individual components of municipal solid waste. Mort has also been an active member of AEESP:  Chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee, Chair of the Lecturers Committee, and recently Chair of the Fellows; He was recognized with his election as Fellow in 2017. He served as the AAEES Kappe Lecturer in 2010. His students have received numerous paper and dissertation awards and are in positions of influence.  As one letter writer notes: “the award more accurately portrays Dr. Perry McCarty and Mort is cut from the same cloth."


Morton A. Barlaz, North Carolina State University
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