Charles R. O'Melia Distinguished Educator Award

For Sustained and Outstanding Teaching and Research Contributions and Inspirational Mentoring.

Scott is a Professor and former Director of the Environmental Engineering program at UC Boulder. He has an outstanding record that embodies all the characteristics of this award. His long list of other awards can confirm that. Reference letter writers mentioned that “Scott is an influential researcher and the top in his field, but his humility and dedication to his students’ research makes him approachable”; “has a gift for inspiring students to reach their potential, even when the student doesn’t realize it’s there”; “His research impact over the past 30 years is well recognized in GAC, DBP’s, and biofiltration,”; “A personable fellow that genuinely enjoys being around students”; He continues to be an amazing source of inspiration in teaching, research, and service as if he just started his career”.

R. Scott Summers
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