Walter J. Weber, Jr. AEESP Frontier in Research Award

Named in honor of Professor Weber, for Advancing the Environmental Engineering And Science Field through Recognized Leadership And Pioneering Efforts in A New and Innovative Research Area.

Wen-Tso is Arthur C. Nauman Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research outcomes have made significant contributions to improve the treatment of water, specifically in understanding microbiomes to describe the ecological roles in different water systems. He is one of the few researchers who is active and successful at understanding and applying concepts at the interdisciplinary boundary of microbial ecology and water/wastewater treatment. As mentioned by one of his letter writers, Dr. Liu is among the leaders of researchers in environmental molecular microbiology. He has about 200 publications to date, and many of them are highly cited. Others have noted that he is a very supportive academic mentor

Wen-Tso Liu, University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana
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