Environmental Chemistry

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Nevada (Reno) is seeking a full-time Postdoctoral Researcher to work with Dr. Yu Yang ( The project will investigate the chemical nature of organic carbon associating with iron in soil environment applying state-of-the-art mass spectrometry. Potential results will shed light on carbon cycling and climate change.

Environmental Engineering/Microbiology

A postdoctoral research fellow position is available in Dr. Young Seo’s laboratory in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Toledo. The selected candidate will work on a funded research project to develop methods for the early detection and mitigation of harmful cyanobacterial blooms.  The candidate will work closely with other investigators and collaborators for the research project.

Required qualifications:  

A postdoctoral research fellow position in environmental biotechnology and/or advanced water/wastewater treatment

A postdoctoral research fellow position in the areas of environmental microbiology and biotechnology is available in the Environmental Engineering Laboratory at Kyung Hee University.  We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher who holds a PhD in environmental engineering, biological engineering, or related fields. The successful candidates must possess excellent communication skills (with spoken/written English, if not Korean) and be highly motivated, independent, and self-directed.

Research Chemist

EPA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nanoplastics

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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How to Apply

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