Post-Doctoral Researcher Biological Waste-to-Energy Technologies - University of South Florida

Project description: The goal of our new 5-year NSF Partnership in International Research and Education (PIRE) project is to initiate a cultural shift in our individual and university research and education programs toward developing international research competence and building capacity through global partnerships. Our proposed framework for sustainable water-energy systems integrates adapting engineering systems to environmental and cultural changes associated with growth in human populations, urbanization, and resource consumption.

Electrochemistry / Electrodialysis

The Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Arizona is seeking a postdoctoral research associate to study the recovery of chemicals from industrial wastewaters using electrodialysis and other electrochemically-based methods.  The responsibilities of the position include carrying out experimental research, report writing and preparation of manuscripts.  The desired qualifications include: 1) a Ph.D.

Hydrologic Modeling and Water Resources Management

A postdoctoral scholar position is immediately available for research at the interface of the Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory and a newly funded Water Sustainability & Climate project. This position will carry out research on the hydrology of the Sierra Nevada and the management of water in Central California, employing a combination of data analysis and synthesis, and watershed (rainfall-runoff) simulation approaches.

Environmental nanotechnology OR organic matter in water treatment

A position is available immediately for a postdoctoral research associate to work on one of two themes in my laboratory. Theme I – environmental nanotechnology requires expertise in electron microscopy of environmental samples and an interest in understanding exposure analysis in real systems. Expertise in nanomaterial analysis or synthesis is highly desirable. Theme II – organic matter (bulk and trace organics) in water treatment serves as both disinfectant by-product precursors.

Solid Waste Treatment

The research group of Professor Irene M. C. Lo at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ( would like to invite applications for a Post-doctorial Fellow position in the area of plasma gasification of municipal solid waste or thermal technology on solid waste treatment. Appointment will be made initially on a one-year contract, renewable subject to mutual agreement.

Global Water Treatment Technology

Date: July 18, 2012 Employer: BKT United Company: BKT is a 15 year old, global water treatment technology firm with $120 million dollars of back log projects. We provide biological wastewater treatment, membrane filtration, and energy solutions. We have more than 100 wastewater treatment references (including 130 MGD and 190 MGD facilities under construction) for BNR process, retrofitting, CSOs, and TMDL using biological filtration (BBF) or customizable SBR (BCS) technologies.

Environmental nanotechnology

A position is available for a postdoctoral research associate to work on environmental nanotechnology with the focus on synthesis and application of photocatalysts and upconversion phosphor materials. A highly motivated individual with experience and expertise in nanoparticle synthesis, photocatalysis, polymer science, and/or inorganic chemistry is highly desirable. A researcher with expertise in membrane process and synthesis will be also considered. A record of high quality publications and competent writing skill are considered critical.

Environmental Microbiology/Engineering

Post-doctoral Researcher UV disinfection with light emitting diodes A post doc interested in environmental microbiology and disinfection processes is desired to lead a project investigating the development of a next generation UV disinfection system focused on use of light emitting diodes. The ideal candidate would have a background in environmental engineering and/or environmental microbiology with experience utilizing molecular techniques for evaluating disinfection efficacy. Candidate must have expertise in traditional microbiology techniques at a minimum.

Environmental Chemistry: sorption

POSTDOCTORAL SCIENTIST POSITION A postdoctoral position is available immediately for a research project on adsorption of ionic and ionizable contaminants of emerging concern by carbonaceous adsorbents including charcoal, fuel soot, activated carbon and carbon nanotubes funded through an NSF grant. The project will employ spectroscopic and physical-chemical techniques to probe sorptive interactions. A recently-obtained Ph.D. in a relevant field is required.

Biological Processes Research Activities at NEWRI's Advanced Environmental Biotechnology Centre (AEBC)

Research Fellows (A): For Biological Processes Research Activities at AEBC The applicants will have experience in Environmental/Biochemical Engineering, or Environmental Microbiology/Biotechnology, or possibly Analytical Chemistry, with a focus on biological wastewater treatment, and will integrate into AEBC’s R&D thrusts on biological processes.


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