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Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Post doc- E fellows program
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Apply for Post-doctoral positions in
Environmental & Water Resources Engineering and Sustainable Water & Energy Materials
as part of the NSF/ASEE Engineering Fellowship (e-Fellows)

Deadline: July 6, 2021

Are you ready to join a diverse, welcoming, and very dynamic, interdisciplinary Engineering research team?  Please contact us at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to jointly apply for the recently announced NSF-Engineering Fellowships (e-Fellows).

Deadline: July 6, 2021

Las Vegas is modern science and engineering in action with state-of-the-art water infrastructure. Nevada is a Leader in Renewable Energy.

We envision three tracks for the fellowship proposal. All tracks include 80% research and 20% of teaching, consulting or water infrastructure management/operations experience. The goal is to support the preparation of you, as a fellow, to gain future employment in your area of interest.

The 80% research time would include working with a faculty member to perform research, write and publish manuscripts, and assist with proposal writing and graduate student supervision.  At least two manuscripts and preparation of two proposals are expected within the 2-year time frame.

(1) Consulting track – the post-doc would spend one day a week, or a summer, with national/international water engineering consulting firms located in the greater metropolitan Las Vegas area. The post-doc would be paired up with projects of their interest to experience and understand engineering consulting.

(2) Water infrastructure operation/ management track – the post-doc would spend one day a week or a summer with a local water or wastewater utility, the flood control district, a water/wastewater infrastructure permitting agency or similar organization to learn about the engineering, operation, management and maintenance of this infrastructure. 

(3) Teaching track – the post-doc would be given the opportunity to teach or co-teach 1-2 courses in his/her area of expertise in the UNLV College of Engineering.  The post-doc would also have the opportunity to participate in teaching training with the Faculty Center, plus be mentored by faculty.  Educational outreach activities to support underserved schools in the Las Vegas metropolitan area may also be part of this track, depending on post-doc interest.

Requirements of the fellowship:

-Pursue research in an area under the umbrella of the NSF Engineering Directorate and complete the fellowship at a U.S. institution

-PhD already awarded or on first post-doc between 1/1/2019-8/31/2021

-U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident at the time of appointment.

-Mentors are tenured or tenure-track faculty at a U.S. institution and who are not the applicant's PhD advisor.

Coordinate with a UNLV faculty member (postdoc advisor) to apply as a pair, developing the application in a collaborative manner. More information at https://efellows.asee.org/

Check out our websites and Google profiles and contact us: Mohamed.Trabia@unlv.edu

Sajjad Ahmad

Shubhra Bansal

Jacimaria Batista

Jeremy Cho

Eakalak Khan

David James

Erica Marti

Jaeyun Moon

Aude Picard

Haroon Stephen